Coffee is LIFE!
A little nod to Ted Lasso 

A little about me 

When I was a teenager, I played softball at a small park just a short bike ride from my Granny’s place. I loved the game and everything about it. Being outside, the competition, my team, and most of all, game day! I was a utility player. That meant that coach could put me in the lineup where my team needed me the most. I played second, third, and rover. I reveled in my ability to jump into different positions, shift my mindset, and play well. I spent a lot of time practicing, putting in the work needed to be a valued agile player. That was my superpower, and I was good.

Today, my glove is gathering dust in a random box hidden under loads of Christmas decorations or packed next to some priceless vinyl. Looking back, I had no clue that my behavior then would be a predictor of the future me. Yet, that ability – the ability to step in and step up – is hardwired into my work ethic and marcomms DNA.

This DNA helps me collect and connect dots across teams and businesses to create communication and marketing strategies that bring brands to life. I partner with changemakers to develop and implement plans and programs, create content, training materials, and graphic designs that drive engagement and produce tangible results.

On the hunt for a third base(women)?

Looking for a utility player to help you hit it out of the park?

Put me in coach! Or drop me an email.